My name is Myranda...
and I am a huge nerd.

I'm a graphic designer by day and by night I use my darkly-acquired powers (my lawyer informs me that deals with the devil are neither implied nor suggested to others) to bring the strange ideas in my head to life.

My head is filled with my obsessions, which, as you can see, spill into my artwork. I love all of the stereotypically nerdy things like Star Wars, comic books, science fiction, Adventure Time, board games, Dungeons & Dragons and superheroes. I also have an insatiable love of the horror genre.

These loves are represented in the artwork you see here and I hope that you also see things that make you smile, reminisce about your childhood (or not-so childhood), and think about how much better your house / apartment / Batcave / secret lair / spaceship would be with something unique hanging on the wall. #shamelessplug